Rit Herfs


My name is Rit

I started DHAAI DESIGN more than 20 years ago.

Let me try to describe myself a bit more… . A composition between creativity, an urge for technology and renewal wrapped in a big love for the mountains and the outdoors.


Having grown up in a garment/production environment and interior/production on the other hand, it turned out that I had a strong foundation in both the production process and analysing the customer.

I then realized that my creativity could easily be transferred to textile design and interior design.

All of this topped off with the urge to keep on top of innovations, never stop learning and knowing the latest solutions to modern world problems. (Is it my Capricorn zodiac sign? A tiring urge for information? ...)


From the beginning, it was clear that I didn't want to design anything branded with my own name on it.

I never want to be in the spotlight, yet many people think differently. In the eyes of most people, you’re only a designer if your name is on it. I want to be more than a name, I want my products and innovations to be in the spotlight.

I’ve been able to help over more than 100 brands with designs under their name and there’s nothing more rewarding than helping out with your skillset. I enjoy analyzing their goals, designing what they need and how they can evolve positively.


Futureproof with a veteran skillset?

Yes, I have experience and I can deliver fast results, but I’m also humble towards new generations. The new young generation fascinates me and I’love to brainstorm together. (There's the Capricorn again...) Their fresh view and communication are important and I’m happy with a mixed network around me with whom I collaborate.


Hope you can all positive rethink your business.

I can help you with the design part, so get in touch,

love to hear from you,